• n-Hexane, 95%, HRGC, HPLC,  4L
  • n-Hexane, 95%, HRGC, HPLC,  4L
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Manufacturer: PHARMCO
Mfg Part No: 359095DIS
Chemical Grade: HRGC / HPLC
Assay: 95% min
Formula: C6H14
CAS: 110-54-3
DOT: UN1208, Class 3, PG II
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Cat No. - NC-14061
Price: $134.95

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Glass Purified / Glass Distilled / HRGC (High Resolution Gas Chromatography) Grade n-Hexane is mainly used in food production as a safe, easily evaporated non-polar solvent, particularly in extracting oils from seeds. Typical residue after evaporation is <1ppm.

This n-Hexane is of a chemical grade with highest purity and meets or exceeds purity standards set by the American Chemical Society (ACS).

Caution: n-Hexane is flammable and a dangerous fire risk. Only ships to destinations within the 48 contiguous US states using Standard Ground. HazMat fee applies. Adult signature required upon delivery. Shipping to a commercial address suggested.

Specifications Limits Results
GC-ECD (as Heptachlor Epoxide) 10ppt max <5ppt
GC-FID (as 2-Octanol) 5 ppb max <5ppb
UV Absorbance @ 195nm 1.00 max 0.430
210nm 0.30 max 0.158
220nm 0.20 max 0.049
230nm 0.10 max 0.020
240nm 0.04 max 0.015
250nm 0.02 max 0.004
280nm 0.01 max 0.000
400nm 0.01 max 0.000
Assay, (GC), n-Hexane 95.0% min 95.2%
Assay, (GC), C6 (Hexanes) 99.5% min 99.9%
Residue After Evaporation 1 ppm max <1 ppm
Water, max 0.01% 0.001%
Thiophene To Pass Test Pass
Color (APHA) 10 max <10
Fluorescence Background (as Quinine Sulfate) 1ppb 1ppb
Water Soluble Titrable Acid 0.0003meq/g 0.0001meq/g
Sulfur (as S) 0.005% max <0.005%
LC Suitability To Pass Test Pass
Identification (IR/GC) To Conform Pass


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