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pH-Fix Test Strips, 0-14. Pk/100

  • NC-0690
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This professional-grade pH test kit includes 100 individual test strips, each measuring 6 x 85mm. The strips are made with special features for accurate and convenient pH measurement:

  • Color-fixed and non-bleeding: The indicator dyes are chemically bonded to the paper, preventing them from contaminating your test solution and allowing them to be left in the solution for extended readings.
  • Sharp color differentiation: The unique dyes provide clear distinctions between different pH values, making it easier to match the strip color to the included color chart for accurate readings.
  • No color bleeding: The dyes are fixed within each zone of the test strip, preventing colors from mixing and ensuring a clear and reliable reading.
  • Easy to handle: The rigid plastic strips keep your fingers away from the testing solution, reducing the risk of contamination and improving safety.

These features make Macherey-Nagel pH-Fix test strips ideal for various applications requiring reliable and accurate pH measurement.