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Apiezon PFPE 501 Vacuum Grease, 100g

  • NC-14152
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Apiezon PFPE 501 is a high performance lubricant and sealant which can be used with confidence in extreme environments, ultra high vacuum conditions and in the presence of gaseous and liquid oxygen at elevated temperatures.

The branched perfluoropolyether base oil and PTFE thickener facilitate the grease's excellent lubricity and chemical inertness across its temperature range. In harsh environments PFPE 501 can be relied upon to perform up to 250°C in the presence of a range of aggressive chemicals including halogens, alkalis, fuels, corrosives and fuming nitric acid.

Being extremely resistant to solvents it is ideal for use in coating, semiconductor and other industries where aggressive chemicals and strong oxidizing agents are regularly used.


  • Robust - Chemical inertness and oxidation stability make PFPE 501 ideal under the most extreme operating conditions.
  • Safe & Reliable - Non-toxic, nonflammable and maintains lubricity and thermal stability up to 250°C and vapour pressure of 1.3 x 10-12 at 25°C.
  • Extends Service Life - Branched PFPE structure and double-density provides film-forming and superior load-carrying capability.
  • Versatile - Used in a wide range of applications including bearings, valves, gears, threads, o-rings and seals.

Typical Properties...

  • NLGI Consistency Number: 2
  • Penetration P60: 280
  • Typical working temperature range: -15 to 250°C / 5 to 482°F
  • Vapor pressure @ 25°C / 77°F, Torr: 1.3 x 10-12
  • Relative density @ 25°C / 77F, Torr: 2.003
  • 4 ball wear scar (mm) - ASTM D2266 (40kg): 0.94
  • Outgassing characteristics - ASTM.E 595-90
    • TML: <1%
    • CVCM: <0.1%
  • Evaporation 24hrs @ 100°C/212°F: 0.02%
  • Oil separation 24hrs @ 100°C/212°F: 2.10%
  • Low temperature torque, g/cm
    • 25°C/77°F Starting: 162.3
    • 25°C/77°F Running: 64.4

All properties quoted in this table are typical values and do not constitute a specification.

Download Apiezon PFPE 501 Data Sheet here.

Download Apiezon PFPE 501 Safety Data Sheet here.