Basic Microscope Accessory Kit

  • NC-12818
Price: $19.95
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Combination of five essential items useful for slide preparation.

These included items serve as a basis for slide preparation. The stains offer heightened visibility with Methylene Blue staining the cell nucleus blue and Eosin staining cell parts darker pink than the nucleus. For a permanent sllide, a small amount of the mounting fluid is applied to the slide and then secured with a cover glass.

Kit Includes...

  • Microscope Mounting Slides, pk/72. (NC-4095)
  • Glass Cover Slides, 1 oz. pkg. (M-2111)
  • Methylene Blue Stain - 1 oz. (M-2123)
  • Eosin Y Stain - 1 oz. (NC-13178)
  • Cytoseal Mounting Fluid - 4 mL. (NC-5988)