CytoSeal 60 Slide Mounting Fluid, 4mL

  • NC-5988
Price: $4.25
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This 4ml vial of CytoSeal 60 Slide Mounting Fluid is ideal for both mounting and long-term storage of slides. It does not lose its cohesiveness, adhesive quality, or color with age. Packaged in a glass vial with tight fitting "polyseal" screw-on lid. Also supplied with a dropper pipette and instructions for use.


  • Consists of a synthetic resin dissolved in toluene, plus an antioxidant to prevent formation of annular rings.
  • Low viscosity means easier application, bubble-free preparations.
  • Gives a thinner adhesive layer for better optical quality.
  • A refractive index near that of fixed protein helps keep image free of optical imperfections.
  • Suitable for mounting cover slips to slides with thick or thin specimens.
  • Can be used with either artificial light or daylight.
  • Won’t shift the colors of biological dyes.

To Use...

  • A permanent slide is made by mounting a specimen in a small amount of mounting medium under a cover slip. Since CytoSeal 60 Mounting Fluid does not mix with water, your specimen must be entirely dry before preparing a slide.
  • Use CytoSeal 60 very sparingly. One drop will usually be sufficient to cover your specimen and the underside of the cover slip. If more mounting medium is needed, add a small drop to the edge of the cover slip and let it run in and fill the space. Straighten the cover slip with forceps or a pencil eraser so that it is square with the slide. Place the slide on a flat surface where it will not be disturbed until the slide gets hard. CytoSeal 60 will dry within minutes.
  • After the slide is dry, trim off any excess cement from around the cover slip with a knife and wipe it with a bit of xylene, toluene or acetone on a soft cloth. The finished slide should have no extra cement visible.