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  • CM-240V
  • Vial contains 200 strips of test paper and matching color chart.


Chlorine Test Strips, 0-200 ppm Range, Vial 200 Strips

  • NC-13283
Price: $8.95
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Hydrion Chlorine Test Paper provides a simple, reliable, and economical way to measure the concentration of free available chlorine in sanitizing solutions. Test strip size is 2" x 1/4".

Health regulations require users of chlorine-based sanitizer solutions to regularly test the chlorine concentration. Simply dip a strip into the sanitizing solution, blot with paper towel, then compare the resulting color with the matching color chart. Target chlorine concentration is 100ppm.

With color matches at 10-50-100-200ppm, the test paper measures concentrations between 10-200ppm.

Store unused test paper in a dry location away from sunlight for maximum shelf life.