• Great for Vacuum Filtration!

Compact Electric Vacuum Pump, 110V

  • NC-14616
Price: $49.95
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This compact pump can quickly and easily filter out solid particles from liquids, leaving you with a pure and clean solution. The small size takes up less space than traditional vacuum pumps and is easy to move around. The vacuum pressure produced is about 120mmHg and only takes a few minutes to filter 1000ml of solution. However, keep in mind that this is a small pump and the vaccum may not be strong enough for thick solutions.

This mini pump features four rubber pointed feet that reduces noise and keeps the unit from "walking" on your bench.

The pump comes with three different sizes of hoses to ensure a tight connection to your filter flask.

  • The main hose line has dimensions of 4mm ID x 5mm OD and 20" inches long. From there you can adapt up with two more tube pieces with differing ID's and OD's.
  • The yellow tube is 5mm ID x 7mm OD and is two inches long.
  • The Black tube is 6mm ID x 9mm OD., and also two inches long.

These three hose sizes can fit most of different size filter flask connections.

Dimension: 4.7"x2.6"x2.2"

Power: 110/120 V, 2.8 W

Power Cord: 37" with in-line power rocker switch.