Deluxe Flame Test Chemical Kit With Accessories

  • NC-12779
Price: $26.95
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• Strontium Chloride • Sodium Carbonate • Cupric Sulfate
• Potassium Chloride • Cupric Chloride • Magnesium Ribbon
• Alcohol Lamp • Nichrome Wire Loop

Our flame test kit includes five 10-gram bottles of chemicals with screw top caps, plus 12 inches of magnesium ribbon. When burned, the chemicals in this kit impart characteristic colors to the flame, which can be used to identify six different metals.

To perform the test, place a powdered sample of the chemical (see list below) on the nichrome wire loop and place in the hottest part of the flame. To burn the magnesium, snip off a short segment and place on the nichrome loop wetted with alcohol. Hold in flame until it ignites.

Be sure to clean the wire loop well by dipping in alcohol between samples so no dust or impurities. interfere with the true color in the test sample flame.

For SAFETY, wear chemical splash goggles and a lab apron. Youths should perform under supervision.

To interpret test results, compare the observed flame color with the color values on the list below...

Also available...

You may add Ethyl Alcohol to your order as fuel for the alcohol burner.
Caution: Ethyl Alcohol is flammable and a dangerous fire risk. This item will only ship to destinations within the continental United States and Canada using standard ground. No air deliveries allowed.

Flame Color Chemical (kit contains 10 grams each)
RED Strontium Chloride
YELLOW Sodium Carbonate
GREEN Cupric Sulfate
VIOLET Potassium Chloride
BLUE Cupric Chloride


  • “SALTS” – Above chemicals are categorized chemically as salts, ionic compounds produced by reacting an acid with a base.
  • METALOID ION – Resembles a metal; a non-metal which can combine with a metal to form an alloy.


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