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Future Proof Periodic Table of the Elements Poster, 24x36 inches

  • NC-14627
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Discover the ultimate periodic table that will last you a lifetime. Traditional tables become obsolete every time a new element is found, causing endless updates for labs, scientists, and classrooms worldwide. The solution? A future-proof table designed with blank spaces to accommodate future discoveries, based on established element patterns. Simply update the table with new element information when confirmed.

The table showcases the 118 known elements with data on atomic weight, phase, magnetism, origin, radioactivity, and the longest half-life of radioactive elements.

Additional features include Feynamium indicator, Island of Stability information, and room-friendly dimensions of 24" x 36". Enjoy a neutral color-scheme suitable for any space.

Each element box provides:

  • Atomic weight (also indicated by the font weight)⁠
  • Font weight is also indicative of atomic weight⁠
  • Phase of matter at standard temperature and pressure⁠
  • Magnetic properties⁠
  • Synthetic or naturally-occurring⁠
  • Radioactivity indicator⁠
  • The longest half-life of radioactive elements⁠