• 95-0128-01
  • 11, 600µW/cm² @ 2"
  • 365nm

Handheld UV Lamp, LW, 160W, B-100SP

  • NC-10443
Price: $896.74
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This Model B-100SP Hi-Intensity 160 Watt Longwave UV Lamp is UVP's most portable A/C powered UV lamp. It is perfect for small garage leak detection. Powerful enough to locate leaks even in well lighted shops.

Use UVP's Reveal leak detection additives in the automotive system, circulate the additive and leaks come to light when exposed to the UV/blue lamp.

The self-ballasted bulb has an average life of 450 to 2000 hours depending on use patterns. An 8 foot (2.44 m) cord and bulb-protector come standard. An on/off switch is positioned on the handle for accessibility.

The Cool-Touch lamp housing is never too hot to touch. This rugged lamp is molded from a special heat-resistant plastic. The lamp head is mounted onto pistol-grip handles that balance well in the hand. Ergonomic design reduces operator fatigue. All of UVP's high powered lamps can be placed face down on a working surface without damage to the filter.

Dimensions: Lamp Head 9.75D x 6Dia. in. (248 x 152mm), Weight: 3.14lb. (1.43kg)

Optional equipment...

  • Lamp funnel is designed to direct the UV light source where you want it.
  • Visor shields the user's eyes from the UV.

Reveal™ leak detection additives (6x1oz)...

  • A-670Plus for R-12 mineral oil based A/C systems (96-0148-01).
  • A-671Plus for R-134a PAG lubricated based A/C systems (96-0149-01).
  • A-680Plus provides one universal additive for oil, fuel or Automatic Transmission Fluid (96-0150-01).
  • A-690Plus for water coolant systems (96-0153-01).

Return Policy: Ultraviolet lamps from Analytik Jena (UVP) have a 20% restocking fee.