• UVP, Inc.
  • 95-0130-01

Inspection UV Black Light Lamp, LW, BL-15

  • NC-10442
Price: $202.97
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This Model BL-15 Longwave Inspection UV Black Light Lamp is ideal for inspection applications in inaccessible places such as automotive leak detection. It is powered by standard 115v A/C current.

Use UVP's Reveal leak detection additives in the automotive system, circulate the additive and leaks come to light when exposed to the BL-15 UV Lamp.

The lamp's long, narrow design is lightweight for easy handheld use. Two adjustable hooks are included. The lamp's plastic construction is very durable. The BL-15 features 8 ft.(2.4 m) primary and 3 ft.(0.9 m) secondary electrical cords.

Wavelength: 365nm. Dimensions: 20L x 1.5W x 1.5H in. (508x38x38mm). Weight: 13 oz (6 kg)

Reveal™ leak detection additives (6x1oz)...

  • A-680Plus provides one universal additive for oil, fuel or Automatic Transmission Fluid (96-0150-01).


Using longwave UV light, you can identify oil leaks by different, easily distinguishable, fluorescent colors. Applies to all types of engine oil leaks plus differential, wheel bearing, air conditioning system and brake fluid leaks.

Return Policy: Ultraviolet lamps from Analytik Jena (UVP) have a 20% restocking fee.