• Hydrochloric Acid, Concentrated, 3.8L
  • Hydrochloric Acid, Concentrated, 3.8L
  • Hydrochloric Acid Label
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Chemical Grade: ACS Reagent
Assay: 36 - 38%
Formula: HCl
CAS: 7647-01-0
U.S. DOT: UN1789, Class 8, PG II
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HazMat Fee Applies! Ground shipping
inside USA.
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upon delivery.
Cat No. - NC-5844
Price: $69.95


Concentrated hydrochloric acid (36-38%) is a colorless to yellowish pungent liquid. Hydrochloric acid is historically called muriatic acid. It is highly corrosive but noncombustible. Soluble in water, alcohol, and benzene. It is a strong irritant to eye and skin and fumes are harmfull if inhaled. 3.8 liters is about one US Gallon.

Hydrochloric acid is commonly used to make aqua regia, typically 1 part Nitric acid to 3 parts Hydrochloric acid.

Molarity: 11.6M
Specific Gravity: 1.18

This chemical ships only within the lower 48 US states using Standard Ground. HazMat fee applies. Adult signature required upon delivery. Shipping to a commercial address suggested.

NOTE: Because of U.S. Dept. of Transportation packaging requirements, this 3.8L size ships in units of one, or four bottles per box. For example, an order for two bottles will ship in two separate boxes with two Hazardous Material charges. An order for four will ship in one box with only one Hazmat charge.

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