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  • CH0179A

LDPE 2-Color Acetone Wash Bottle, 500mL (16oz)

  • NC-14173
Price: $9.95
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This Eisco® self venting and easy to read wash bottle features codes and symbols for handling acetone in a recognized format. It is ready for use when you transfer the acetone from the manufacturer’s containers.

The closure and stem are molded in one piece to make them leak proof. The angled neck and tip provide a uniform stream of liquid and the tip can be cut back if required to increase the flow.

This low-density polyethylene bottle is pre-printed with:

  • Acetone NFPA Four-Diamond 704 Label.
  • Hazard Symbol for Flammable.
  • Target Organ Information.
  • Route of Entry Information.
  • Acetone Chemical Formula.
  • Acetone CAS number.
  • The Bottle's Max Fill Level.
  • Not For Storage.
  • For Dispensing Use Only.

Description: Acetone
Cap Color: Red
Capacity: 500 mL (16 oz.)
Mouth: 44mm (1.75")