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Corning PYREX brand Glassware

Shop here for all Corning® PYREX® Brand Glassware for your lab. PYREX Beakers, PYREX Erlenmeyer Flasks, PYREX Florence (Boiling) Flasks, PYREX Filtering Flasks, PYREX Test Tubes.


PYREX® beakers from 50ml to 4L; borosilicate import glass beakers in a range of sizes, and poly beakers in five sizes, in a pack and by a set.

Bottles and Jars

Amber and clear glass bottles, single and in packs; clear glass dropper bottles; poly squeeze bottles, wash bottles, and HDPE bottles.


Glass burets with PTFE (Teflon) stopcocks, in three sizes.


Choose a variety of essential oils distillation kits with ground glass connections. Also, we have 24/40 flat bottom boiling flasks, 24/40 distillation adapters, and more.


PYREX® Erlenmeyer Flasks in five sizes; BOMEX® Erlenmeyer Flasks in five sizes; PYREX Filter Flasks; BOMEX Filter Flasks and BOMEX Boiling/Florence Flasks in multiple sizes.


Glass, metal and poly funnels. Powder, standard, and micro stems. Separatory funnels, and porcelain filter funnels.

Graduated Cylinders

SIBATA® Class A in seven sizes; Class B in five sizes, polypropylene in seven sizes plus packs and sets.

Serological PipetsPipettes, Syringes, Bulbs and Pumps

SIBATA® Class A serological pipettes with volumes from 1mL to 25mL. Poly No Needle Syringe, 30ml. Also, pipette fillers, bulbs and pumps.

Plasticware Kit

Economy potpourri of 20 individual often needed plastic labware items.

Glass Stir Rods

Six and ten inch lengths.

Test Tubes and AccessoriesTest Tubes & Accessories

PYREX® test tubes, five sizes; borosilicate test tubes, four sizes; three sizes of test tube racks; clamp/holder, cleaning brush and combined item kits.

Pyrex Glass TubingGlass Tubing

Borosilicate glass standard wall tubing in four popular diameters. Plus colored glass tubing.


Glass vials, five sizes; student quality in five sizes, polypropylene, snap-cap vials, three sizes.

Watch Glasses

Watch glasses in two sizes: six and four inch diameter.