Magnesium Ribbon Roll, 25 to 31 grams

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  • 7439-95-4
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  • Not Regulated.
  • NC-12121
Price: $8.95
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Size: 25-31g roll, 75 ft. x 1/8 inch wide. (approx.)
Contains: 99% magnesium, 1% Zinc and Lead.

Burning Magnesium produces a very bright reaction which liberates a substantial amount of heat energy, easily reaching temperatures of a few thousand degrees forming magnesium oxide (magnesia). The flame is very intense, do not look at it directly for more than a few seconds. For safety wear Ultraviolet Blocking UV Goggles.

Magnesium ribbon can be ignited using a simple butane lighter or Bunsen burner. Once ignited, the ribbon will burn slowly but steadily down the length of the strand, leaving a flaky, white, Magnesium Oxide residue behind. After ignition is begun, Magnesium ribbon is difficult to extinguish.


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