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Balancing Bird ToyBalancing Bird Toy
A fun creature shaped as a bird in flight and which can balance by its beak on most surfaces, including your fingertip. Wingspread is 6-1/2 inches. NC-11799
Ferrofluid Magnetic Display Bottle with MagnetsFerrofluid Magnetic Display Bottle with Magnets
Have fun with this utterly addictive Ferrofluid Magnetic Display Bottle. Ferrofluid is the astonishing liquid that becomes highly magnetized in the presence of magnetic field. With Ferrofluid in a bottle and the supplied neodymium magnets, you can easily play with this spectacular substance. NC-13959
Mini Mars Mud Space PuttyMini Mars Mud Space Putty
Mars Mud Mini. Same as the larger version, only smaller - more pocket sized. Comes in its own resealable container which keeps it cool, clean and ready to go. Ages 5+. NC-13773
Original TEDCO GyroscopeOriginal TEDCO Gyroscope
The Tedco gyroscope features all-metal construction and design. It is precision engineered for near-perfect balance, with mini-ball bearings for a long spin. Wind it with a pull string like a top. Ages 6+, Made in USA. NC-11114
Owl PelletOwl Pellet
Dissect this sanitary owl pellet which contains the skeletal remains of an owl meal. Learn about the owl's habitat, place in the food chain, and predatory skills. NC-13982
Radiometer - Light MillRadiometer - Light Mill
The Sphere Powered by the Sun! A radiometer demonstrates how light can be converted into motion. More light, more spin! NC-0771
SunPrint Kit, 4x4 inchSunPrint Kit, 4x4 inch
Have fun making photographic-type prints using the power of the sun. NC-9132
SunPrint Kit, 8x12 inchSunPrint Kit, 8x12 inch
Have fun making photographic-type prints using the power of the sun. NC-2828