Mfr. Name: Vee Gee Scientific
Mfr. Cat No: 83025A
  Protect your liquid-in-glass
thermometer with this armor case!
Cat No. - NC-0201
Price: $14.95


Our solidly built thermometer armor case is a must-have item in any busy lab or industrial environment. Protect your thermometers from rough handling and shock. This case will hold a thermometer up to 12 inches long and is constructed of nickel-plated brass.

The threaded screw cap has a ring allowing for suspension of the thermometer.


  • Outside Diameter: 9.5mm / 0.374"
  • Inside Diameter: 7.5mm / 0.295"
  • Outside Length: 323mm / 12.71"
  • Inside Length: 312mm / 12.3"

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