• Ferrous Sulfate, 100g
  • Ferrous Sulfate, 100g
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Chemical Grade: Lab
Formula: FeSO4 - 7H2O
CAS: 7782-63-0
U.S. DOT: Not Regulated.
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Cat No. - NC-6261
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Ferrous sulfate (copperas or iron sulfate) is popularly used to precipitate dissolved scrap gold out of an aqua regia solution. Other uses include sewage treatment, fertilizers, feed additives, reducing agent, wood preservatives and process engraving. Appears as loose, greenish or yellow-brown, odorless crystals. Soluble in water, insoluble in alcohol.

Used in the following patina formulas:

Ferrous sulfate readily forms pale, blue-green, triclinic crystals. Read our article, "Growing Large Crystals with Seed Crystals" for more information.

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