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  • NC-13223
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Custom Designed Apparatus for Optimal Production of Pure Essential Oils.

This steam distillation kit contains virtually all the equipment you need to start making your own botanical essential oils. Features high quality, heat resistant borosilicate glassware and high performance lab grade support hardware.

The extra-large 60/50 ground glass top opening of the two liter biomass flask makes it easy to add and remove a large volume of plant material. Ground glass joints throughout provide for clean, secure fit between all glass components.

Distillation Apparatus Features...

  • The 2000mL biomass flask accommodates a large amount of plant material.
  • Fits together with leak-proof standard taper ground glass joints.
  • Heated by a 1000W hotplate with high, medium, low and warm temperature settings.
  • Supported by a large 3 ft. tall lab stand with a 6x11" heavy metal base.

The 2L Steam Distilling Apparatus Includes...

  • 1 Borosilicate Flat Bottom Boiling Flask, 1000 mL, 24/40.
  • 1 Borosilicate Biomass Flask, 2000mL 60/50.
  • 1 Borosilicate Erlenmeyer Collection Flask, 500mL.
  • 1 Condenser, 300mm long, 24/40.
  • 1 Distillation Arm 60/50.
  • 1 Three-Finger Clamp, with bosshead.
  • 1 Ring Clamp, 6” iron.
  • 1 Glass Stopper for Distillation Arm.
  • 2 Plastic Joint Keck Clips, 24/40.
  • 1 Lab stand, 6"x11" Base, 36" Rod.
  • 10 ft. Amber Latex Tubing, 1/4 x 1/16”
  • 1 Hotplate, 1000W
  • Instructions for use. Download instructions.