Potassium Nitrate, (Saltpeter), 500g, Food Grade

  • FCC/USP, (Food Grade)
  • KNO3
  • 7757-79-1
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  • Only via Standard Ground
    - USA & Canada.
  • UN1486, Class 5.1, PG III
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  • NC-9871
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Our food grade Potassium Nitrate, also known as saltpeter, is a historical curing agent used in the production of cured meats and charcuterie. It plays a few key roles in the curing process:

  • Color preservation: Potassium nitrate helps prevent the cured meat from losing its pink color and turning a grayish-brown.
  • Flavor development: It contributes to the characteristic savory flavor of cured meats.
  • Antibacterial properties: While not as effective as some other curing agents, potassium nitrate does have some antibacterial properties that can help extend the shelf life of cured meats.

Other uses for it are in pyrotechnics, rocket ignition compounds, incense manufacture, and tree stump remover. It is one of the three components of black powder, along with powdered charcoal (substantially carbon) and sulphur, where it acts as an oxidizer. Commercial uses include specialty fertilizer, glass manufacturing, and tempering steel.

For shipping, Potassium Nitrate is in hazardous materials Class 5: Oxidizer. It only ships to destinations within the 48 contiguous US states and Canada using Standard Ground by FedEx or UPS • No air deliveries allowed • Customers in Canada should expect additional duties, taxes, and customs clearance service fees due upon delivery.


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