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Precision TEDCO Gyroscope

  • NC-14119
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Toy gyroscopes have been demonstrating the law of action and reaction for over 100 years. It is a classic educational toy that continues to fascinate with its mysterious gravity-defying force. Gyroscopes are at the heart of modern gyro-controlled guidance and navigation systems used on ships, airplanes, and spacecraft.

This Tedco Precision gyroscope is a modern version of the classic Tedco gyroscope. Utilizing a precision plastic wheel and frame with ball bearings, this gyroscope can be started with a T handle rip cord for quicker and easier use.

Ages 8+. Made in USA. Colors may vary.

Tedco Precision gyroscope includes...

  • The Gyroscope.
  • Pedestal/tower.
  • Pull string.
  • T-handle Rip Cord.
  • Instructions.

Your gyroscope will spin merrily on its pedestal ... dance on a string tightrope ... balance perfectly on the lip of a drinking glass.

Do these other astounding tricks...

  • Place the spinning gyroscope on a tight wire or string, on the edge of an unbreakable drinking glass. On the edge of a yardstick or ruler, or on the edge of any sturdy surface.
  • Place the spinning gyroscope so that it balances on the horizontal frame member. Place a second spinning gyro on the end of the first and they will maintain balance and position together.
  • Suspend the spinning gyroscope in a loop made by doubling the string. The gyroscope will maintain any angle above or below the horizontal at the bottom of the loop.

Josh and Tim demonstrate the Tedco Toys Precision Gyroscope