• An Excellent Economy Kit
    for Vacuum Filtration.

Winterization Filtering Kit with Electric Vacuum Pump, 1000mL

  • NC-14618
Price: $133.95
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This lab filtering kit includes a 1000ml filter flask with side arm to connect to the small electric vacuum pump. The pump can provide a continuous vacuum of about 200mm HG (Mercury). Items come packed in a box for storage.

Complete Kit Includes...

  • 1000ml Borosilicate Glass Filter Flask.
  • Büchner Funnel, porcelain, 90mm.
  • Electric Vacuum Pump.
  • Pk/100 Filter Paper, 90mm.
  • Neoprene Tapered Filter Adapter to accept Büchner funnel.
  • Hose to connect vacuum pump to filter flask.