Zome Tools Creator ThreeZometool Creator 3 System Kit
This kit has 738 precision Zometool parts, enabling the building of thousands of models; from basic to advanced. NC-13027
ZomeTool Advanced Math Creator 4 KitZometool Advanced Math Creator 4 System Kit
This kit has 1,188 precision Zometool parts. Creator 4 includes advanced Green Struts which open up a whole new world of models. Also includes educator's challenge cards, the Bubble Adventure Book and the Adventures in Learning DVD. NC-13106
ZomeTool Workshop KitZometool Workshop System Kit
This kit has 6,760 precision Zometool parts, perfect for classrooms, workshops big art projects and hardcore users. NC-13108
Zometool Bulk Parts
Buy Zometool struts and nodes in 100 piece bulk packs and save money. Get what you need for that special creation!