General Chemicals
In-stock chemicals, dry and wet, smaller quantities in various grades. Case quantity discounts.
Patina ChemicalsPatina Chemicals / Patina Book
Formulas and chemicals plus procedures which can lead to successful patina projects. We also have Matt Runfola's book, Patina: 300+ Coloration Effects for Jewelers & Metalsmiths.
Electrode Strips
Offering an assortment of metal strips for use in various chemical or electricity experiment, 5"x3/4"x3/64". Aluminum, Brass, Carbon, Copper, Iron, Lead, Magnesium, Nickel, Tin, Zinc.
Microscope Specimen Stains
Stain cell parts and bacteria. Eosin Y, Methylene Blue, Gram Stain Set.
Periodic Tables / Molecular Model Set
Periodic table in notebook size and as a poster, up to 38" x 49.5". Also, PolyLab Molecular Model Set.
pH Indicators
Distinguish pH levels with liquid pH indicators, or pH strips. Check the acidity or alkalinity with litmus paper,
Chemistry How To's and Glossary
  • How To Make "Instant Hot Ice".
  • How to Test Gold, Silver and Other Precious Metals.
  • Glossary of Common Chemical Names.
  • Chemical Grade Definitions.